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We build community-led media ventures - powered by AI

We are a web3 company.

We are committed to web3 and believe in the power of decentralized co:creation & co:ownership. We act with integrity, transparency and always in the best interest of our communities. We will contribute to the broader development of the web3 space.

We believe in human creativity.

We believe in the power and evolution of human creativity. We value the use of imagination and ideas to create something. The initial creative spark remains an art and deeply human.

We embrace the blend.

Humans come in many gloriously wonderful and varied forms. All are welcome here. It is a beautiful privilege to use technology to embrace that blend. We diminish the divide.

We believe in the positive impact of AI.

Artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool. Used responsibly it will enhance human abilities and contribute to the greater good. Artificial Intelligence is integral to how we work and play.

We are a tech company.

We believe technology is a fundamental and necessary component to how we function as a business. We actively embrace the rapid evolutionary changes and welcome transformation. We use technology to be more human.

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Our vision

We change the way great ideas come to liFe.

Our Team

Meet the founders

Co-Founder & CEO

Philipp Nastaly

Co-founder & CTO

Darryll Colthrust

Co-Founder & CPO

Andy Ländle